Lesson 4: Urbanization and Immigration

The Gilded Age was marked by previously unseen growth in United States. Boston grew from 177, 840 people to almost 450,000 residence in only thirty years. Boston was not an anomaly. New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia also boomed as urbanization driven by industrialization beckoned to struggling farmers and immigrants alike.

Immigrants from Ireland, Italy, Britain, Germany, and China began to pour into the United States in search of employment, security, freedom, and food. These immigrants were all in search of their version the “American Dream.” Some were resounding successes. Others were met with hostility from Americans born in the United States seeking legal protection from the government in the form of  laws grounded in nativism.

Today you will choose a group of immigrants. You will write a three page paper, single spaced, about the group you have chosen. You must include:

  1. An introduction to your paper that hooks the reader and makes him or her want to read the paper.
  2. The purpose for your chosen groups migration to the United States.
  3. The expectations group of immigrants had when moving to the United States.
  4. The realities faced by group you chose upon arrival to the United States. (Include any Nativists based laws used to isolate or discriminate against the group.)
  5. Lasting contributions the group you chose made to American Society.
  6. Describe the Social Gospel Movement and how it may have impacted the experiences faces by the group of immigrants you chose.
  7. A closing that summarizes your paper.
  8. Citations of your sources.

You may chose one of the following to write about:

  • Chinese
  • German
  • Italian
  • Irish

Return to Google Classroom to type and submit your paper in Google Drive.

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